Psychiatric Evaluation:

A Full Psychiatric and Medical Evaluation is performed before a treatment recommendation is prescribed and initiated.   Lab testing, genetic testing, referrals, consultations, record reviews, and meeting with significant others, are all part of the evaluation process.  An evaluation can be one to several visits.  Or a crisis intervention.  

Beginning care with Dr. Paras is only one of many possible outcomes of the evaluation.  Referrals to other treatments or treatment settings may be more appropriate.

Your evaluation is a fact finding, question answering venture, to help you decide what the best course of treatment will be for your unique problems.

Typical Conditions Seen for Evaluation:

Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, ocd, adhd, ptsd, bipolar disorder and relationship/family issues.

Treatment:  If you and Dr.Paras decide to work together after your evaluation, treatment will typically follow this pattern.

Pharmacotherapy:   Often initiated early on in treatment, to minimize symptoms and allow the psychotherapeutic process to begin.

Psychotherapy:   Dr. Paras believes the best treatment for most conditions is combination of medications and psychotherapy provided by one doctor. 

She believes these services should be provided by one person, interwoven to provide the most effective and efficient progress towards restoring your mental health.

Therefore, she does not " split cases".  If you choose to engage in treatment with Dr. Paras, she will generally provide all of our care.

Therapies provided:   Individual therapy- insight oriented, supportive, problem centered or modified CBT.

Family/couple's therapy is provided if indicated as part of your individual therapy

Long term exploratory therapy is available for those interested in this work.


Post-Partum Conditions, Menopausal Syndromes, Coping with the Hormonal Changes of the Female Life Cycle

Eating Disorder Treatment:  A Specialized Focus of Dr. Paras' Practice Dr. Paras has over 30 years of experience treating eating problems. Adolescents ( 15 and older ) and adults -anorexia nervosa (males and females) / bulimia nervosa / binge eating disorder / compulsive eating- individualized CBT treatment.

Pre-marital, Separation, and Divorce Counseling/Mediation in Non - Contentious Situations- child centered, if applicable.

Female Empowerment-developing independent life skills including financial therapy ( for individuals or couples).

Evaluations for School Based Accommodations: High school and beyond.

Buprenorphine Treatment- shortly, for persons stabilized on buprenorphine without relapse for over one year.